Czech mobilities


Kamila Kolářová

Last week I was in Poland. I stayed with one Polish girl, who was very nice and clever. Her family was nice to me. We had a great programme. We went to a sport centre, Town Hal and museum of pictures. Polish students made a concert. It was very cute. They are very talented. In school, we did a project Fight Obesity. All week we spoke English. In the project there were Czech students, Polish students and Italian students. Every evening we went to the pub and we had great time. On Thursday we went to the sea over sand dunes. And in the afternoon we went shopping. I’ve learned English language. I was good at shopping. I had problems with speaking. I appreciate the effort of Polish students. I want to ask: When will we meet again?

Pavlína Fardová

I have done everything to improve my English and I acquired much new experience. I have learned some interesting information about obesity. Especially I was surprised that in EU there are more obese people than in the USA. I was good at going in right time everywhere. I had problems with grains of sand from the beach in my shoes, but this walk was beautiful and interesting. I appreciated that teachers and students were nice and happy. They always kept smiling. I want to ask my host from Poland if she is looking forward to the Czech Republic in April 2014. I will improve in speaking in workshops in this project and using the right tenses in talking with somebody.


Gabriela Galiová

I have done some things about eating and obesity. I have learned a few things about healthy eating in groups with Italian and Polish people. I was good at speaking with my Polish friend Sandra but sometimes it was really hard because I don’t know all the words in English. I had problems with some words. I appreciate the work of teachers from Poland because they arranged a great programme for us. We have gone to the park and dunes. We also saw the Baltic Sea. I want to ask you about how you enjoyed meeting new people from other countries. I think it was something new for me and I really liked it. I will improve in learning new English words.


Aleš Hrdina

Last week I was in Poland and now I can say just three words "I love Poland". I´ve learned many useful Polish words. I was good at cooperation with students from other states. For example Polish students and Italian. I had a problem with my friend from the Czech Republic, but it was nothing, so we didn´t need to talk about it. I appreciate the effort from all students. They were great. I want to ask if I will see my new friends again in the future. I will improve my Polish language because I´m really terrible and I thought that I should understand them next time.


Tereza Schenková

I have done some things that I had never done before. For example I walked over sand dunes or I tried Polish national food called “pirohy”. I liked it. I was good at communication in my opinion. Now I am not shy to speak in another language but Czech. I had problems with nothing, because everything was great. Maybe the trip was very short. Next meeting should be longer - for two or three weeks at least. I appreciated that my teacher enabled us this experience with Polish and Italian group and I’ve learned about healthy lifestyle and working at groups. I want to ask you, what do you think about exchange stays, because I am interested in this. I will improve my English more. Thank you for this experience.


Lukáš Winkler

I have done some work on the project called Fight Obesity. I am pretty happy with it. I have learned a lot of Polish words and phrases. I have learned o lot of traditions and Polish painters too. I was good at speaking in English language. I wasn`t the best but I am good at it. I had problems with some English words and the fact that I had to be early home or sometimes didn`t go anywhere. I appreciate the work that the teachers and students. They had to make some program for us. I want to ask if I ever see my Polish or Italian friends again or if there will be another project with which I can travel to Poland again. I will improve my English skills for sure because I am not that good that I was thinking.


Robert Vinklárek

Last week I was in Poland. I stayed with a great family. Both parents were perfect. My host was great too. I learnt from him a lot of words because he had better English. I learnt too that Italians are really friendly. I was good at playing sports, at presentations and at speaking English. I had problems with work in group. Sometimes with communication with everyone. I appreciated very friendly and kind behaviour. Especially the Polish girls were perfect. I wanted to ask my teacher if Italians can speak English. I will improve my English because I want to be as good as my teacher.




Mateo Ťažký

Last week I was in Poland and now I want to say just two sentences: I love Poland and Polish girls. I’ve learned many Polish words. I was good at communication with others. I had problems with communicating about something with my host. I appreciate Polish girls, because they are very pretty and they have better behaviour than some of our girls from the Czech Republic. I want to ask when I will meet my new friends next year. I will improve my English communication.


Martina Lopušná

In our meeting in Poland I have done a lot of things. For example I presented our school in front of students from Poland and Italy and I think that I improved my skills in English. I have learned how to prevent obesity and how to live healthier. I hope that I was good at communication with my new “family”. But I had problems with communication with Italian students. I don’t know why, maybe they didn’t want to talk with us. I appreciated the effort of the teachers from Poland to do this meeting. And I think that it was very amazing. I want to ask in how much countries we will travel? And last sentence: I would improve time schedule, because we didn´t have enough time for lunch.


Dominika Praunspergerová

I've done something for myself. I‘m more talkative, even in a foreign language and I hope I'll be more active and do more sports. I've learned something more about obesity in other countries. I’ve learned to communicate with people, I’ve learned something about obesity, what causes it, what are the consequences and how to prevent it. I was good at listening to my partners in the project and I think I've had some interesting ideas about how to fight against obesity and hopefully I was good at English. I had problems with communication at first, but at the end of the week I was quite talkative. I appreciated that our host families took care of us so well and also the teachers in Poland took care of us in the school and they tried to make us feel like at home. I want to ask if this project somehow helped to fight against obesity. I will improve my lifestyle. Well, I will try to. I'll be more active, maybe I'll enroll to aerobics lessons.


Kristýna Halová

Last week I was with my school in Poland. I stayed with a Polish family, it was terrible but after sometimes it was better. Every day we went to school and we met there. I have learned better English. I was good at playing volleyball and speaking with Polish and Italian friends. I had problems with myself, because I am shy. A appreciate that Polish people invented good programme for our and Italian schools. I want to ask. Will we go to Poland next year? I will improve my English because I want to be very good at English learning.