Vocational School of Economics in Smolyan

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Vocational School of Economics in Smolyan is located in the south part of Bulgaria.It prepares students for different professions. They canwork in banks, tax offices, insurance companies, ICT companies, travel agencies, etc. It is a 4 and 5 years education system. The number of students in our school is 350. The students are aged 14 - 19. Most of them commute to school every day from near small towns or villages, but school also offers an accommodation in dormitory. Our school has a very good  ICT equipment used not only during computer lessons, but also for video lessons. We have 3 special classrooms for ICT, economicsand accounting lessons - equipped with computers, printers, data projectors and Internet connection. Each student studies two foreign languages - English and Spanish.

After the lessons students can take part in different sports and art school clubs. We organize trips and excursions for the students. The pedagogical staff is fully qualified, teachers support the students with special educational needs, and there is a guidance counsellor, who advises on all students┬┤ problems connected with their social or economical status as well as their future career. Nowadays we recognize higher rates of unemployment and joblessness among Smolyan youth.We help our students how to access the labour market.We successfully integrate ICT into both the English curriculum and Vocational competencies. Ourparticipation in the project is very important because ICT is a valuable tool to enhance teaching and learning. For teachers ICT is a professional resource.

For students, ICT provides opportunities to communicate more effectively and to develop literacy skills including skills in vocational field. It is a valuable tool for researching, responding, and representing in English.