Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcacych nr 2 is situated not far away from the centre of Slupsk (a town in the northern part of Poland, 18 km from the Baltic Sea). The building of the school is old - it was built in 1905 and under its roof there are two parts of our school: a Junior and High School. The age of our students ranges between 13 and 19 and there are approximately 450 of them. Some of our students come from rural areas and commute to school. After graduating school they usually choose universities in bigger cities and seldom come back to Slupsk as there is no work for them here. The unemployment rate in Poland is around 13%, however, in our region - about 21%.__
Since 2004, when bilingual classes were introduced to our curriculum, students have been taught geography, biology and physics in English. They are offered six languages to study- English, German, Russian, French, Spanish and Italian. Therefore working on this project, with so many nationalities being involved, will be a great chance to improve our students' language skills, not to mention exchanging the knowledge about the culture of other European countries.
In our school we have classes with the extended number of biology lessons. Therefore the students are so eager to prepare additional materials or take part in workshops connected with biology. They are aware of the importance of knowledge about a healthy lifestyle. To deal with the problem of obesity, which is a complex issue, is a new challenge for our students. The participants of this project will focus on the importance of the proper nourishment in the students' private life as well as the impact of it on their working efficiency. Young people should realize to what extend healthy food can influence their future life in terms of well-being or performance at work.
Since 2000 the School European Club has been promoting the EU. To reinforce the European dimension, citizenship and and |cooperation is one of the aims of our project__
What is more, our students are also active volunteers. In 1999 the School Volunteers Club was opened. For several years they used to cooperate with similar clubs in Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic and now they still help people in our community. Therefore they understand the needs of people of different different nationalities, backgrounds, disabilities, which is an important factor in the process of cooperating with other nations.