Lykeio Melikis is situated in the northern part of Macedonia, at a short distance from Vergina, a very important archaeological site in Greece. Most of our students come from the nearby area and countryside. We have a number of students who will be involved in the project coming from different countries (migrants' background).
Our school has never participated in an international project; thus, we consider it to be a unique opportunity for our students to experience the European Dimension in a lot of aspects and collaborate with students from other European Countries. Furthermore, our students are taught three languages (English, French and German) at school and an international project is a unique chance to visit schools from other countries and to earn all the advantages that this project implies.
For Lykeio Melikis, this multilateral project is of prime importance. We are very eager to implement it in the curriculum, which will be strongly supported by staff, teachers, students and parents. We believe that the school is the perfect medium of knowledge transmission about health education to children because it has the capacity to address to a representative percentage of the population.
The school's aims are both to offer scientifically correct information about obesity, and to create a healthy behaviour for the students, through formal and non-formal education. Through this Project we want to establish and implement a well - planned "Program for health education", and to prepare our students for life by:

  • raising the level of health knowledge, promoting a healthy lifestyle, the environmental protection and disease prevention
  • building and development of correct behaviors that promote health
  • improving emotional skills, training and creating positive attitudes and active involvement towards individual and public health