Our school (Die KaufmannischeSchule Stuttgart-Sud) is a vocational school with about 1300 students. The curriculum focuses on economic vocational education and on languages (English, French and Spanish). Having about 1000 students in the Part-Time Vocational School and 300 in the Advanced Vocational School, the age of our students ranges between 17 and 21 years old.
The part-time vocational school is based on the so-called Dual System (DS) which means that on-the job training is offered by companies whereas classes on theoretical professional education and general education are given by our teachers. Our school offers apprenticeships in various professions (Industrial Business Management Clerks, Office Management Assistants and Retailers).
Students can also opt for a full-time vocational school which means that the student concentrates fully on school and prepares for a university entry.
Our school (built in 1919 on a slope in the south of Stuttgart, today listed as monument) is located in a nice district of Stuttgart. However, most of our students come from the suburbs of Stuttgart with a rather deprived background.
About 50% of our students are of foreign origin. Often being migrants or political refugees, our students create a multicultural atmosphere at our school. Their parents often have to work hard to earn a living and do not have the possibility to attend to their children's educational needs. Their German language skills are often rather limited and they mostly cannot provide the necessary help, should problems at school occur.
Our motivation to participate in this project is that we would like to give our students the opportunity to work on a European level and to spend some time in a foreign country. At the same time we aim at encouraging our students to use and improve their knowledge of foreign languages and to think in a European context. They should be aware of the importance of having a good command of foreign languages, of being open-minded and tolerant. Furthermore we would like to make them aware with this project of the direct connection between healthy eating habits and staying healthy. Our students should realize what serious long-term consequences obesity can have in terms of life expectancy, well-being and performance at school or at work. Thus, the participants of this project learn which impact the proper nourishment has upon their perspectives in private life as well as for their working efficiency.