Spojena skola Ruzomberok is a secondary business and vocational school with 700 students at the age of 15 to 21. The school has long history of education. Nowadays, it is specialized in the fields of tourism, trade and business. The specialized courses are hotel academy, travel agency assistance, catering, cosmetics, hairstyle, shop assistance, and confectionery. There are spacious classrooms, four PC labs, a gym, four school kitchens, four school lunchrooms, a school beauty salon, and a hairdresser's.
We have few students who are mentally disabled and with specific needs. We will pay attention to socialization of these children and they will have an opportunity to take part in the project as well. Their role will be according to their abilities. Several of them have difficulties in learning, but they are very active, communicative, and curious.
The goal of this partnership is to increase our students1 awareness of obesity and healthy lifestyle. Mainly to inform them about influence of obesity on the growth of civilization diseases and to provide them with useful information about prevention of obesity problems e.g. healthy eating, sport activities. Last but not least, to teach them to value their national identity; to stir their curiosity for other cultures and other states' achievements; to make friends with other students and teachers in Europe; to use second language; to share ideas and feelings as mature and educated members of the European community.
This partnership will stimulate the communication and work on a very important issue among students and teachers from different European countries with different culture and background. This will enable them to develop social skills, to work as a team, to interact and share their knowledge, experience.
We also think that through these educational trips our students will be able to broaden their views on different cultures and will make lasting friendships which in the long run will help to build a common European identity.