Uskiidar is a very historical district of Istanbul whose historical values haven't been spoiled. It is the "Golden City" mentioned in history books with its shores, chalets, bazaars, Turkish baths, mosques, churches, synagogues, streets embellished with historical wooden houses and the unique work of the art from Byzantines, The Maiden's Tower.
Uskiidar Mithatpa§a Vocational High School is the first arts school for girls founded by Mithatpa§a, the governor of Tuna in 1878. The education in our school is versatile. It consists of the formal education and the lifelong learning programme that gives education at the weekends. It also has a kindergarten which works in coordination with the Child Development and Nursery department in our school. There are four departments for vocational education; Food and Beverages, Child Development and Nursery, Graphics Design and Photography, and Textile. There are 1694 students in our school and English is taught as a foreign language. The age of our students ranges between 15 and 18 years old. They have vocational education for four years and 85% of them get into a university or a college. Students in their last year in school have vocational training at companies three days a week. Most of our students are of low socio-economic status and most of them have divorced parents. Therefore we face serious problems. We have many students who have special needs and difficulties in learning. One of our goals to solve these problems is to guide them to some social activities according to their personal demands and skills. With this project we aim to motivate our students to study and to feel more confident. Working on the activities during the project will not only help to improve the students' competence but also it will raise an awareness about obesity.
We have started this project to gather our students who come from different regions and cultures, to improve the soul of unity, to give self confidence, to introduce the cultures of other countries to the students, to socialize them, to improve the language skills of both our students and teachers, and also to make them realize the importance of healthy and balanced and proper diet. The Turkish Ministry of Health have launched a lot of projects to solve the obesity problem and our work trying to contribute to the solution might be only a drop of water in the ocean. But having set our hearts on this project, we expect our contribution to grow with the support of the European Union.